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4 Ways of Carrying Water in Your Backpacks

Stay hydrated while out & about! Staying hydrated is critical when you’re out and active. At Vanquest, we design our bags and packs to support the two common ways to carry water: either a bottle or hydration bladder. No matter your carry preference, we thoughtfully built-in the hydration support that works best for you! Carry …


4 Types of Comfortable Suspension Systems for Your Bags

The right suspension is key to your carry comfort When designing new packs we pay close attention to the suspension system, arguably the most important part of a pack. While materials and organization are important, the suspension system is what connects you to the bag. This is why we design comfortable and robust suspension systems …


Revisiting the BOB

Alright, we know everyone is tired of hearing about the CoronaVirus. At this point we all should be somewhat aware that this virus has sparked a lot of turmoil in society, and it has us thinking it’s a good idea to revisit the concept of keeping a good Bug-Out Bag handy. In a previous series …