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This Is How the Coolest “Dad Bag” Looks Like!

Building a versatile “Dad Bag” is easier than you think… As many of us at Vanquest are bag enthusiasts, we want to bring the toughest bags to meet your everyday carry (EDC) needs. We know many of you are moms and dads who want a durable bag (or bags) that accommodate your growing family, with …


IBEX-35 Overnight System

Our Favorite Overnight Kit! With summer cooling down, and many areas opening up from closures it’s about time we talk about one of our favorite set ups for hiking and camping, the Ibex-35! There are a handful of items we add onto an Ibex-35 to create an effective system for an overnight hiking trip. We …


Revisiting the BOB

Alright, we know everyone is tired of hearing about the CoronaVirus. At this point we all should be somewhat aware that this virus has sparked a lot of turmoil in society, and it has us thinking it’s a good idea to revisit the concept of keeping a good Bug-Out Bag handy. In a previous series …


Photography Bags

Photography: Our Favorite Hobby We’ve mentioned this before, but both co-founders of Vanquest are avid photographers. It’s a past time that many working here enjoy and have a passion for. We’re lucky to have the ability to incorporate photography into our work. Naturally, we have taken this into account when designing products. While our packs …


VANQUEST Debuts New Gear @ 2018 SHOT Show

New & Upgraded Backpacks, Plus Updated Organizers Las Vegas, NV: Vanquest introduces FIVE new backpacks: MARKHOR-45, IBEX-35, IBEX-26, KATARA-16, SKYCAP-46 duffle backpack, and two new FTIM 2.0 Maximizers at 2018 SHOT Show. In a new endeavor Vanquest has created the MARKHOR-45, a 45-liter backpack and our largest pack to date. The MARKHOR-45 is designed for …