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4 Best Bag Ideas for Minimalist Carry 2023

Maximize your preparedness with minimalist everyday essentials The concept of minimalist everyday carry (EDC) is to thoughtfully select and store your everyday essentials in a simpler, smaller, and organized way. We want access to practical items without the stress and clutter. Keeping all items with you to cover every scenario sounds great, yet it may …


The Dad Bag!

Dad Bags! As avid bag nerds, we focus on bringing the highest quality products to the market and help our customers stay organized and prepared for the day ahead. One of the most satisfying things we see from our customers (and employees) is the different uses for our gear. While we expect someone to use …


New VANQUEST Urban Series packs!

Pre-Order Sale starts today! Irvine, CA: New for 2020 is our Urban EDC Series of packs. We have the ADDAX-25, ADDAX-18, CARBIDE-8, CARBIDE-12, DENDRITE-Small, DENDRITE-Large. We developed our 400-D UrbanBlend fabric, with a multi-PU coating to provide excellent water resistance. The new colorways of Shadow Gray and Midnight Blue place this bag into new settings …