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SPYDERCO X VANQUEST Envoy-13 Messenger Bag


By Vanquest Team


The Vanquest Team is excited to announce the Spyderco X Vanquest Envoy-13 Messenger Bag. This exclusive bag is the result of collaborated efforts of Vanquest and Spyderco to offer the perfect EDC bag that meets the quality and functionalities needed by gear heads like you.

Being long time knife users and collectors ourselves, Vanquest Team members have always been attracted to the highly functional blade geometry, stellar heat treat and ergonomics of Spyderco knives. The opportunity to work with our favorite knife company brought excitement and huge ear to ear smiles.


Michael Janich @ Spyderco (Special Projects Coordinator) describes the thought-process behind the project and why they chose Vanquest as a co-branded partner:

“Many of our staff travel very frequently, and collectively we log hundreds of thousands of travel miles every year. Our Crew had some very strong opinions about EDC bags and the qualities needed. Since the EDC spirit is a strong driving force in everything Spyderco does, we had an idea: Let’s create an EDC bag that reflects our hard-earned experience, saves our customers the time and expense of the trial-and-error process, and allows them to show their pride in the Spyderco brand in style.

To find a partner that could produce not only a well-designed, superior-quality bag, but also shared our commitment to high performance and unwavering customer service, we chose Vanquest® – an undisputed leader in the tactical nylon industry. We also chose their third-generation Envoy™ courier bag as the basis for our project.spyderco-envoy-13-04

We compiled a lengthy list of changes we wanted to make to the Envoy to make it into our “perfect” EDC bag and met with the Vanquest team (in December 2018). Before we could present our list of improvements, the Vanquest team had redesigned the Envoy (now fourth generation) and asked if they could walk us through a prototype that featured all the changes. We agreed and were astounded at how closely their improvements paralleled our list. We immediately knew that we had found both the right company and the right product for our project.”


The co-branded “Spyderco by Vanquest” Envoy-13 is an exclusive version featuring a unique color combination and is proudly embroidered with the Spyderco “bug” logo in two places. This exclusive bag is ONLY available from Spyderco website ( and factory outlet store.

Michael Janich @ Spyderco gives a quick overview of the Spyderco by Vanquest Envoy-13 Messenger Bag, detailing its features and EDC functionality.

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David A Thomas

is the spyderco vanquest 13 coming up for sale again? any old stock available? if so, what generation is it