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4 Amazing Ideas To Pack Your Toiletry Bag

A well-organized toiletry bag keeps you fresh & ready Having a well-organized toiletry kit is essential for your well-being and makes you feel GREAT all day! A good toiletry kit includes anything you would use for personal care when away from the comfort of your home, or on the road. Depending on your lifestyle and …


This Is How the Coolest “Dad Bag” Looks Like!

Building a versatile “Dad Bag” is easier than you think… As many of us at Vanquest are bag enthusiasts, we want to bring the toughest bags to meet your everyday carry (EDC) needs. We know many of you are moms and dads who want a durable bag (or bags) that accommodate your growing family, with …


3 Organizer Pouches for Your Everyday Essentials

Organizer pouches are perfect everyday carry solutions Organizer pouches are a perfect solution for small tool kits, survival bags, or as general organizers. They remove obstacles of organizing your smaller items, and create a detail-oriented experience for you and your items. Organizer pouches are also perfect for those who don’t want a full-size pack, but …


4 Ways of Carrying Water in Your Backpacks

Stay hydrated while out & about! Staying hydrated is critical when you’re out and active. At Vanquest, we design our bags and packs to support the two common ways to carry water: either a bottle or hydration bladder. No matter your carry preference, we thoughtfully built-in the hydration support that works best for you! Carry …


4 Types of Comfortable Suspension Systems for Your Bags

The right suspension is key to your carry comfort When designing new packs we pay close attention to the suspension system, arguably the most important part of a pack. While materials and organization are important, the suspension system is what connects you to the bag. This is why we design comfortable and robust suspension systems …